Things that Inspired Me Today

1. Listening to Blues/Jazz on Pandora and it introducing me to artists/talent that I never heard of or gave a try

2. Signing up for a 5K in November. A good motivator to amp up my running routine or lack of routine

3. Browsing through Etsy at the Fall Decor (my favorite season)

4. The cool September air

30 Day Burpee Challenge – Sort of

I started the burpee challenge last week, why? just because. I wanted to incorporate another form of exercise and burpees are supposed to be one of the best exercises for your body. They work both upper and lower body muscles and strengthen your core.

What I didn’t realize is that after 15 burpees, you really do run out of breath! I knew my body would get tired and my muscles would ache (which I also thought would be after 35) but the breathing part I definitely underestimated.

So now I’m on day 10 and should be up to 35 burpees, but in reality I’m stuck on 25. And you know what, I’m ok with that!

So it might take me 40-45 days days to complete, hell it might take me 60 days to get to 100 burpees, but I will get there and it will be a new accomplishment.

The other day I split up my 25 and did 17 in one sitting and 9 in another, so actually I’ve hit 26. My husband says, I’m cheating and it should be all at once, and I said “says who?” The chart doesn’t say that it has to be one sitting, it says each day. I read a couple of blogs about it and one girl said if you need to break it up to fit your schedule then go for it.

From that moment on, I decided I’m not putting on the pressure to hit each number because of a chart. I will listen to my body and do what’s best for me. Yes I will push my limits but I will not over work my muscles for the sake of a chart. I will get there and I will continue each day and each day maybe it’s only 1 more but the point is…

I am doing it.

I will accomplish it.

And it may not be 30 days – but it’s better than nothing.

I am doing it for me and I am my own judge.


30 day challenge

Local Music Festival


The last two weeks I took my kids to a local music festival. Last week was bluegrass, folk – not really my type of music but I had a great time. The first band’s set was a godly and short, then the next band came on, it was classic rock mixed with original songs that had more of a Lumineers flare. The kids had free popsicles, I had a beer, and then went out and danced with my daughter. All she talked about for the rest of the night and the next day was how much fun she had (the boy – not so much).

The best part, my daughter is very shy about dancing in front of people, I’ve told her the cliche over and over “dance like no one is watching” and that night she did. I was proud, we were the only ones out there and before I knew it, about 4 other young girls came out and started to dance.

wpid-20140819_201510.jpgThis week we went back with some friends. It was the last music festival for the summer. The music was jazz and blues – (Amen). Again we had a great time, and danced. The kids ran around without a care in the world, other kids were riding scooters and it felt like a celebration of the last days of summer before school – it pretty much was.

There’s something very uplifting about good music. Even if I’m melancholy, when I’m outside and there’s music playing, I forget about all that negative puissance. My mind and body quickly fill with positive energy – bobbing my head, dancing, singing along, tapping my foot and LAUGHING!

These are the memories I want to have forever. Next summer, I’m going to look out for more of these concerts in the park!

Printable Packing List

I am getting excited to go on a mini vaca to the beach – my favorite! When it comes to traveling, I’ve always been a list maker – Packing list, grocery list, etc…

Before all these wonderful apps and the internet, I would actually write it out :o

But now, I just find one that fits my needs and hit print! :)

Here’s one that tailored to my needs, maybe you’ll like it too!

Packing List via Hellocuteness


Favorite Blogs

A Life Less Bullshit

“It doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving as long as you’re moving” – Nicole Antoinette

Cordelia Calls It Quits

“There are better things to do with a life, and I aim to find them.” – Kelly Gurnett


She is an awesome photographer and features others in her blog. She gives some tips and ideas for people starting out with DSLR. Just looking at her photos is inspiring.

 The Positivity Solution
“There are two types of people in this world: The ones who make you feel better as soon as they walk into a room, and the ones who make you feel better as soon as they walk out of it.”
- Shola (Mom)



Downfall of American Companies

I hear a lot of people in the workforce complaining about the millennials. Oh “they’re entitled,” “they don’t care,” “they jump ship,” “they don’t want to work.” I myself, am not a millennial, but I understand the mentality. I’ve had many conversations with my father about this – a baby boomer, who laughs at it all now that he’s retired.

Back in the day, companies took care of their employees, if you worked hard – you got salary increases or promotions, companies gave pensions, loyalty meant something – 20 years on the job mattered.

Now 20 years on the job “oh well we can save money by bringing in someone younger, new, or even outsource. “There’s an idea let’s pay a quarter of the price to someone who has no knowledge and reads from a script, but we’ll save money.” Pensions forget it, 40 hour work week is a joke, 401-K, I don’t even get it, you put money in but could potentially lose it? EVERYONE is replaceable, a budget number, and there is absolutely no protection for employees. There’s no job security. It’s a joke! And it’s why so many people spend an average of 2yrs at a job.

I have seen it all! Hell I was part of it.

I left a job (if you weren’t working 60 hrs, you were on the chopping block) after accepting a new job offer, signed a contract and everything. The day before I was supposed to start they called and said they let everyone go – they changed their business model – couldn’t offer me the job anymore “oh sorry”. And guess what they can get away with it! WHY? Because it’s corporate America.

I had a friend out on medical leave for 6 weeks. He had to have a surgery or could’ve died. 6 weeks – the day he went back to work they fired him. “We’re going in a new direction.”

This is my favorite line, one I have heard many colleagues go through and guess what, the following week someone else is filling in the position and there is NO OTHER DIRECTION! Another example of employees having no job protection and corporations poor excuses for greed.

This is what’s wrong with American companies. This is why the younger generations don’t give a shit! Too much protection for the corporation but nothing for the people. Everything now is about the bottom line – GREED. Trickle down economics haha! The rich are getting richer and the middle class are getting poorer, there’s no trickle down, there’s only the green-faced monster!

As I said to my dad, “why should millennials be loyal, or not feel entitled?” This day and age every company wants a college degree, long hours, multitasking (doing 2-3 jobs) but the job title is paying 12/hr. Who the hell wants that after they just took out 60K in student loans to get a “better job”. And once you’re in a company at such a rate, trying to get more money (than your 3% raise – if you get one, which barely covers the cost of living) or a promotion is like swimming to an island when the waves keep pulling you back.

You have to move to win. So again, what does loyalty get you? Now I know older generations say, “well you have to work your way up the ladder that’s what I had to do.” I say, “guess what,? There is no f-ing ladder anymore. For companies, It’s how can we maximize profit and minimize cost.”

I have a friend who lived in England and she was blown away about how the workforce is over there. She explained that it’s hard to get fired, work ethic is completely different, in addition to having all health benefits free.

Do the heirs of Walmart really need anymore money – 165 billion net worth? If they “trickled-down” like paying employees better wages they would still have a butt-load of money and the average Joe working for them would also be better off.

I choose to work for a smaller company for a reason. We had a women retire after 47 years – her only job in life! That’s loyalty and she was proud of it. The company was proud! Why? Because it’s a family business that believes in it’s founding values and grassroots ideology.

To end this on a positive note – as I said to my friend, “it will get better! Closed doors open new ones – with new opportunities.”

It all worked out for me, and I hope that future generations can change the way of the workforce.

I Believe that We Will Win!

**In the end – it’s just a job

Love Gen X

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