Jump-Start Your Morning

Every morning I wake up the same, tired. It doesn’t matter if I get 9 hours of good sleep, I am not a morning person. But, I want to be!

Once I get moving and have a cup of coffee, I’m ready. One thing I started doing this year was a short yoga routine, basically a series of Sun Salutations. Yoga really helps me feel good for the day, it opens up my breathing and gives my muscles a good stretch. If you’re interested in starting a yoga routine, You Tube is a great place to look. If you’re already familiar with the practice, then set your own sequence to do each morning.

In my search for ideas to become a “morning person,” I found this article 5-things-healthy-people-do-every-day-before-work that has some good tips and these five things do not take a lot of time (which these days is precious). I hope you enjoy!

Hey, you can read the article while you have your coffee or tea – multi-tasking. I also posted an image of what my routine looks like, in case you want to do it too (wink, wink)!

Sun Salutations
Sun Salutations

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