Cool Present in Lieu of Card

A Keepsake for Years

I saw a post today my friend shared on facebook, and I don’t remember the name of the blog (sorry I can’t reference). But the idea behind the post was instead of buying a card every year on Mother’s Day, you buy a journal, and every year the spouse and kids use a page in the journal to write something, post a picture, or draw.

I thought it was such a cute idea. It can even be used for birthdays, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day etc… I know for someone like me, who throws cards out, a journal is definitely a keepsake that I would cherish. I like the idea of my husband and kids writing the message, because it comes from the heart, (not that cards don’t) but it’s the words and thoughts directly from your loved ones.

The women who posted the blog article said the best part is that her children are young, so the journal starts out as scribbles and as the children grow it will turn into sentences. It reminds me of my kids’ preschool art that I saved.

This is something I can see myself looking at when I’m older and enjoying the memories they wrote about each year!



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