Local Music Festival


The last two weeks I took my kids to a local music festival. Last week was bluegrass, folk – not really my type of music but I had a great time. The first band’s set was a godly and short, then the next band came on, it was classic rock mixed with original songs that had more of a Lumineers flare. The kids had free popsicles, I had a beer, and then went out and danced with my daughter. All she talked about for the rest of the night and the next day was how much fun she had (the boy – not so much).

The best part, my daughter is very shy about dancing in front of people, I’ve told her the cliche over and over “dance like no one is watching” and that night she did. I was proud, we were the only ones out there and before I knew it, about 4 other young girls came out and started to dance.

wpid-20140819_201510.jpgThis week we went back with some friends. It was the last music festival for the summer. The music was jazz and blues – (Amen). Again we had a great time, and danced. The kids ran around without a care in the world, other kids were riding scooters and it felt like a celebration of the last days of summer before school – it pretty much was.

There’s something very uplifting about good music. Even if I’m melancholy, when I’m outside and there’s music playing, I forget about all that negative puissance. My mind and body quickly fill with positive energy – bobbing my head, dancing, singing along, tapping my foot and LAUGHING!

These are the memories I want to have forever. Next summer, I’m going to look out for more of these concerts in the park!


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