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New Category- DIY! Project #1 Art Display Holder

I wanted to add more inspiration to the blog, so I’ve added another category called…DIY! Nothing is more empowering than building and creating things for yourself and others. It’s like a journey back to the beginning of times when we had to hunt, and make clothing, and ah, just kidding! I hope some of these projects inspire you.

Art Display Holder

This little project is for my daughter who is really into art and displaying her pictures.

This one was simple, and I had these items laying around the house.

Clothespins (I used 6)

Step 1

Cut twine as long as you like about 2 inches from the end add a knot, at the same end put a loop knot for the push-pin.

Step 2

Slide the other end of the twine through the clothespin and keep pushing it until it hits the knot, then add another clothespin, but keep it about 2-3 inches away from the first. After two clothespins, I would add another knot to section it off and prevent them from sliding together.

Step 3

Repeat until you’re finished. Then hang it wherever you want.
Here it is!
Finished Project