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Cool Gadgets and Gifts for the Holidays

DSCN5786It’s that time of the year again – crazy holiday shopping, last minute gifts, and the “what to get the person who has everything”.

I’ve done most of my shopping this year online. Forget the crazy lines, and the crowded parking lots, I like to take my time check reviews (which is huge for me), use my coupon code and then have the package magically appear within the week on my doorstep!

But this year it has been a bit overwhelming for me. My husband has a big family and my family all still buys presents for each other and including all the nieces and nephews, it’s a lot! Usually we split it, he shops for his family and I shop for mine, and before I know it we’re done. Well I’ve done all the shopping this year and as I tear open the boxes to go through everything, it seems like I still have so much more to do. It’s the most wonderful time of the year haha!

One thing I like unique, cool gadgets that you don’t necessarily need but they’re fun to look at and just know that they exist! So here’s a few

Nut Butter Maker (via Way Cool Gadgets)
Desk Daisy – Magnetic Paper Clip Holder (via coolgadgetsforsale)
Joseph Joseph Can-Do Reinvents The Can Opener (via coolthings)
Smash Coffee Cup Can (via coolthings)
DIY – Hot Pepper Oil or Any Spice (via abeautifulmess)
Wine Hoodie Tote (via coolstuffexpress)
DIY – Cool Snacks Cooler Basket (via giftsagogo)
Baby fortune cookie booties (via uncommongoods)

Cool Gadgets That You May or May-Not Know Exist

I love looking for cool gadgets, personalized presents, and off the wall items. Whether you are looking for yourself or someone else, here’s some cool gadgets I came across. Some of these you may have seen, others not so much, but hope you enjoy!

iPhone Lens Dial

iphone lens dial
(via waycoolgadgets)

Apple Peeler

Apple Peeler
(via waycoolgadgets)

Kinetic Jump Rope

(converts your kinetic energy into usable power to charge gadgets)

Pulse kinetic jump rope
(via coolthings)

Cork Globe

(via coolthings)

Aqua Farm

Aqua Farm
(via uncommongoods)

Desk Organizer

Desk Tidy Organizer
(via j-me)

Housewarmng Gift Ideas That Aren’t Cliche

Housewarming Gift Ideas

My sister-in-law and her hubby just moved into their new home last weekend and I wanted to give them a nice housewarming present. Not the cliche gift card, plant, or doormat…something cool, innovative, or home-made, maybe even a little techie. As I was perusing the internet, I found some pretty cool gadgets and ideas that I wanted to share.

1. U-Socket USB Wallplug


(Via ThinkGeek.com)

2. Mod Podge Photo Canvas (DIY)

supplies for canvas photos

(via Easycanvasprints.com)

3. Homemade Chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard

(via Homeandgarden.chickettes.com)

4. Takeout Menu Organizer

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 1.17.47 PM

(via Modcloth.com)

This is listed as no longer available, but you could create a DIY version! Check it out and get creative.

5. Herb Infuser

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 1.41.08 PM

(via Uncommongoods.com)