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Things that Inspired Me Today

1. Listening to Blues/Jazz on Pandora and it introducing me to artists/talent that I never heard of or gave a try

2. Signing up for a 5K in November. A good motivator to amp up my running routine or lack of routine

3. Browsing through Etsy at the Fall Decor (my favorite season)

4. The cool September air


Photo Manipulation – Are you Finding Yourself or Creating Yourself?

Photo Manipulation based on a quote of finding yourself vs. creating yourself
My latest photo manipulation based on a quote of finding yourself vs. creating yourself

The Road

The Road
by Jen Burns

There once was this road
I don’t know where it was leading me to
But I kept going straight
Because I felt it was right.

Every day on the road I’d see beauty – trees, animals, flowers
Then one day, I got tired of the same straight road
I was comfortable with that road
But something was missing.

So I turned
I was afraid
I was courageous
I was free.

I found obstacles
I found determination
I found fulfillment
I found me.

(dedicated to my friend who is taking the turn)

People that Inspire Me!

There’s a ton of people that inspire me. People I meet everyday, creative minds, inventors, entrepreneurs, photographers, writers the list can go on.

But the fundamentals of living a good life is basic freedom, equality, a CHANCE! A chance to be the best person you can be. To be an inspiration to others!

These people I posted below had a great vision. And they gave everything they had, even if it meant life, to uphold their values and beliefs. These people were not out for monetary success, but basic human right. A right that everyone should be equal, fed, educated, and have a voice!

Mother Teresa
Martin Luther King Jr
Malala Yousafzai
Nelson Mandela
Susan B. Anthony