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The Design Process for Everyday Life

Taking the Design Process and Applying it to Everyday Life

I recently had a phone interview for a job that I really, really wanted. It’s known to be the Google of the East Coast. I haven’t had an interview in about two years and I’ve never had a phone interview. I didn’t know what to expect. It was with an in-house recruiter, not someone from the team whom I would be working with, or the creative director.

I know now, to expect it to be more of an introduction – less scary. Questions focused on my background, their background etc. Unfortunately, the interview stopped there, either I answered a question in a way that was not to the liking, or I didn’t have the right “field degree”, or maybe my portfolio was not up to par with others. Anyway, that is not going to stop me from pushing forward.

One of the questions stood out to me, “how would I describe my design process?” I think this question I might have slipped up on, and honestly, it’s not completely my fault. Every company works differently, and develops their own road map and ways to get there. We did follow this design process BUT some of the initial decisions [Identify the problem] [Design Constraints] were made before it hit my hands. Hence, me answering in the way that I did.

After I hung up the phone, I decided to do some research and then the ah-ha moment. This is it, the design process, maybe why I had so much rework at my old position.

Here is a flow chart of the basic design process. There’s different variations, but basically the flow is the same. And this is the process that you can use in your everyday life to maximize success and reach your goals. Everything is a work in progress.

(image via colemandesigngroup)

Think about it

“8-step process to succeed in hitting your goal”:

  1. Identify the goal. (Specific)What you want to achieve.
  2. Identify the the constraints/challenges and measures.
  3. Develop possible solutions (lists).
  4. Select the best possible solutions.
  5. Create a conceptual plan.
  6. Evaluate your solution (Did the plan meet the measures? Overcome the challenges and take you further towards reaching the goal?)
  7. Communicate with yourself and others.
  8. Refine your goal or plan. Are you closer? Are their changes to to be made to achieve your goal.

This process will not only allow you to see the big picture and guide you through, but will help you measure success along the way and solve some challenges you might be facing.

Hitting your goals gives you a spiritual lift – you find your happy place.


Make Better Food Choices

Weight Management

Since the holidays, I have been indulging in whatever I want without a care in the world. Sure I’ll have a beer or 3, pass me the Kit Kat, did someone say pizza? Yum.

The last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my holiday binging needs to be OVER – Hello March, goodbye extra pounds!

I decided that I TODAY I will get back on a regular workout routine and start making better choices with food.

Like most people, I know foods that are good to eat and foods to stay away from. But sometimes the good food sounds boring or I don’t know how to “dress it up.” Let’s face it, I need a little help pairing it up with other super foods to make it more appealing and delectable.

In my search for healthy food ideas, I found this link Familycircle. 

The post is weight loss diet plans. I am not a fan of the word DIET or following a DIET. I believe it’s about making lifestyle changes and start slowly. When a diet ends, the results will end too. But if you continue to make the right choices via lifestyle changes, you won’t go through the yo-yo of weight management. I hope it helps you to find some ideas and tips for healthy food ideas and even exercise.

Don’t forget exercise

Start to incorporate some quick exercises into your daily routine. You can pick 3 one day (upper body) – do 3 reps of each. The next day pick another 3 (lower body) – do 3 reps of each. Rotate each day, along with walking/cardio 4 days a week. Even if it’s only 15 min, it’s something be proud of!

Remember this is a lifelong change so it’s ok to start small, you will build up over time! Here’s a few exercise ideas to get you and me started.

Upper Body




Tricep Dips

Lower Body



High Knees

Plank with Leg lift

Full Body

Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climbers


A Simple Life – Microwave-Free

ImageOne of my resolutions this year was to declutter my life.

I started the first week with email. As an email marketer at my previous job, I signed up for everything. I would get about 200 emails a day, most of it was used for competitive research and most of it was also CRAP!

Anyway, now that I am in a new position, I can recapture my precious morning time doing other things (like blogging) rather than skimming through and deleting senseless emails full of advertisements that promise to make me smell better, look better, or get the lowest price today – even though another great offer will appear in two days.

After the digital cleansing, I moved over to the domestic cleansing – the house. As you know, I’m sure, house work is never done. I donated a few bags to Purple Heart but I still have a long way to go. I feel like it’s a revolving door, as you move more junk out, shit comes right back in (especially with kids). Little by little, I will get there, at least that’s what I tell myself.

Then the unexpected happens. Our microwave, which is only a couple of years old, suddenly broke. It’s been a week and I really haven’t missed it. Actually last week, due to the snow storm, we had a couple of families stay with us for a few days and no one really noticed!

So last night, I moved it out of the kitchen, reclaimed my counter space, looked at it a few minutes and decided…what the hell, let’s do without!

I asked my 8 year old son what he thought, and he couldn’t care less. My 6 year old daughter gave the same reaction. Then I asked my husband, “hey, you want to try an experiment? Let’s go microwave-free!” And surprisingly, he was on board right away, his exact words, “sure, you don’t need a microwave, it’s just a convenience.”

Yes nailed it!

It’s now been a week and the transition was easy. I remember in the 80’s when my parents first got one, we were “totally siked!” But as I got older, I’ve always had some weird feeling about microwaves, they just seemed unnatural – something about the radiation part.

Before I decided to go sans micro – I did some research and internal thinking. As it turns out, we are not regular users. Besides popcorn, very few frozen veggies, and heating up leftovers, we rarely used it.

Here are some tips I came across for making this transition, and most of these, I was already doing.

  • Buy fresh foods
  • Thaw meats in a pot of cold water
  • Reheat leftovers in the oven
  • Stove-top popcorn
  • Store food in frig to oven containers
  • Buy a kettle (I use my keurig and love it)

As far as cooking and baking, I’ve always used my oven and in the winter it doubles as an extra heater!

I’m excited about our lifestyle change, stove-top popcorn and fresh tasting leftovers – hell yeah!

What I’m curious about is the reaction we’re going to get from people. I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot of “why?” and “how?” But it’s a decision we made – maybe less convenient – but simple!